Isiah Whitlock, Jr. 3rd Edition Talking Sheeeeeeeeeit Bobblehead

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Order your Isiah Whitlock 3rd Edition bobblehead before it's too late. Each Isiah Whitlock, Jr. 3rd Edition Talking Bobblehead is individually hand-painted, packaged in its own collectible box, and comes with three different recordings, each available to you at the push of the button:

- Sheeeeeeeee-it. - HmHmHm, you don't know sheeeeeeeee-it. - Mmhmm, sheeeeeeeee-it. The 1st Edition bobblehead was available through a Kickstarter that was wildly successful and this 3rd Edition bobblehead was released as a result of the popularity of the first two editions.

Please note that the remaining bobbleheads in our inventory have damaged boxes.



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